Accommodation in Taupo

Taupo Language can organise accommodation for students at one of the following:

Homestay  is the most popular accommodation choice for our students. You continue to practise your English while making Kiwi friends and getting to know the New Zealand way of life. Taupo Language will try to match your hobbies or age group with the homestay family. Please include these details on your enrolment form. For English practice reasons, placement is restricted to one student from one nationality unless otherwise requested.

Homestay is where you stay with a Taupo family, have your own bedroom, study area and 3 meals everyday.

Executive Homestay for 18+ year old students: students have their own bedroom, own bathroom, study area, 3 meals everyday and wireless internet connection.

    Furnished House / Room / Apartment - suitable for long term and independent students aged 18 years and over.

    Motel, hotel and hostel accommodation is available upon request. For short-term guests there is a luxury homestay lodge, more information, contact details and pricing of this can be found at

    Accommodation Options

    1. Homestay: 3 meals each day + own room + study area (for enrolment of 1-50 weeks)

    = $250.00/week, $36.00/night

    2. Executive Homestay: 3 meals each day + own room + study area + wireless connection + own bathroom (for enrolment of 1-50 weeks)

    = $290.00/week, $42.00/night

    3. Shared or single furnished apartment. Suitable for students aged 18 years and older. (for enrolment of 1-50 weeks).           

    = $200.00 - $260.00/week + utilities + food