Parent and Child English Programme


To provide General English language tuition for parents while their children attend a Taupo elementary school or daycare. The Parent is responsible for the care of the child after school hours and in the school holidays.


We suggest short term (less than 12 weeks) Parent and Child stay with a Kiwi homestay family, while long term (more than 12 weeks) has the option to rent a furnished house or apartment. Regular homestay fees apply per person.


    You can come for ten to fifty weeks. The NZ Primary School year is divided into four by ten week terms. In 2017 these are here.

    Minimum age of children

    Children must be five years+ for NZ elementary school (passport evidence required). Pre-school / daycare is available for children under the age of five at NZ$19.00 - $30.00/day, depending on age; it is more expensive for children under two years of age.

    The homestay is not expected to provide a babysitting service.

    Fees 2017

    All prices quoted in NZ dollars.

    1. Parent’s Taupo Language tuition fees, Waipahihi Primary School and Taupo Intermediate School fees are here.
    2. Family enrolment fee $300.00. This includes student counsellor, Taupo Language registration and primary school registration, course materials and free internet access while studying at the language school. 
    3. Extra or ongoing bilingual assistance is at an extra cost after the first term.
    4. Accommodation placement /family $300.00
    5. Transfer from Auckland International Airport to Taupo $180.00 / person.

    Extra possible costs while living in Taupo

    • Daily living expenses e.g. doctor, taxi, telephone, weekend recreation. 
    • Children may wish to join clubs, take dance or music lessons, buy ski passes etc.  
    • Daily transfer to schools, if not within walking distance for parents not staying in homestay accommodation. Some parents buy a car, approximately $1,500.00+  


    1. Parent must be responsible for children throughout travel, duration of study and stay in NZ. A maximum of three children can accompany one mother.
    2. Parent must attend Taupo Language general English classes throughout the course duration as a regular full / part time student. The Parent must have the correct visa applicable to her/his nationality and length of study.  See Immigration New Zealand.
    3. Children and Parents must comply with regulations from NZQA, Immigration New Zealand, NZ laws (i.e. car seats are compulsory for children under five years of age) and Ministry of Education. Children must obey school rules.
    4. During statutory holidays and primary school holidays the Parent must look after the child/ren or enrol the child on a holiday programme.
    5. All students must have full travel and medical insurance for their course duration and return travel. Please check that your policy covers the adventure activities offered at Taupo Language. We can organise insurance through Unicare Insurance
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